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Pitt Football Players in 2011 NFL Draft

Hynoski, Lewis, and Baldwin declare for the 2011 NFL Draft.
Tulsa's Todd Graham to be introduced as Pitts new coach tomorrow depending on what weather permits. 5 year deal for 10 million.

Making The Best of A Bad Situation

It is well documented that firing Dave Wannstedt has been a total disaster for Pitt. Yes, the school was correct in their assessment that Dave was not the man to bring Pitt to the top of the Big East and beyond. But the hiring of Mike Haywood called into question AD Steve Pederson and his notion that Pitt would only hire a coach with head coaching experience (even if that "experience" only 2 years in the MAC). And this was all before Haywood's "baby momma drama" that lead to his firing...

So now what for Pitt? 9 of 18 potential recruits have already said they could commit somewhere else after Wannstedt was fired. And I repeat, this was BEFORE the Haywood firing. This of course leaves Pitt in the precarious position of trying to pick up a coach off the proverbial scrap heap and sell him to a disenchanted fan base..all of which trying to salvage a dwindling, once promising recruiting class.

What Pitt should do is use this opportunity as a second chance, so to speak. Clearly Mike Haywood was not bringing the initial satisfaction and enthusiasm that both Pitt fans and recruits wanted. Pitt has had no choice but to reopen the search to include coordinators with no head coaching experience. And 2 names have jumped to the top of the list and have already interviews.

The first, lets just discard immediately. Sal Sunseri, Offensive coordinator at Alabmama simply cannot be hired. Not to take away from his SEC pedigree, but if Pitt brings in (disappointing) QB Tino Sunseri's father, it would make the Mike Haywood hiring and firing fiasco look good comparatively. There is no way Pitt retains any credibility that is has by bringing in the quarterback's father.

That brings us to the other candidate, Jo Paterno's 30+ year Defensive Coordinator at PSU Tom Bradley. While Pitt fans my cringe at the thought of bringing in a "Nitter" lets look at the positives first: Bradley can obviously recruit Western Pa, comes from a winning tradition, is well-respected and has ties to the area and University...and who knows, maybe would help bring about the much needed continuation of the Pitt/Penn State Rivalry (on the field as opposed to just on message boards). With all of the positives, it does not make sense to discount Bradley as "inexperienced" when he is clearly the MOST experienced coach that Pitt can hire. And the notion that Pitt would be hiring a coach from "our enemy" reinforces Pitt's inferiority complex that there even is a rivalry (because at the present there clearly is not).

So with all the negative surrounding Pitt football, it is time to turn some of it into a positive. And of the potential candidates that have surfaced, there is only one who is able to do so. And I'm sorry my friends, but he is a "Nitter." (but at least he is not a Sunseri!)

Tom Bradley to Pitt?

UPDATE-Pitt interviewed Penn States Tom Bradley and Alabama's Sal Sunseri today.
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